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Bracing, Supports, Wheelchairs & Walking Aids

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We are a credentialed Medicare & Medicaid supplier of Durable Medical Equipment with All insurance networks in Maryland. We are credentialed to do such through our discipline. As such, it is an efficient adjunct to therapy for many conditions, especially acute conditions where a prolonged therapy care plan is NOT the most efficient form of treatment. That said, we incorporate the clinical and administrative vetting and management of orthopedic knee, ankle, spinal and upper extremity orthotics of various types, brands and specifications into our care plans. We also incorporate walking aids and assistive devices of various types and brands into our care plans. These include, but are not limited to walkers, rollator walkers, canes, manual wheelchairs and accessories, 'offloading' boots, home cervical traction devices, TENS units, crutches and foot drop supports.