About Us

In 2004, David Bullock started his vision to deliver the most safe, most effective treatment regiments to patients.  With the opening of White Oak Physical Therapy and Pain Management Center, LLC in 2007, David’s hope is to deliver more personalized and customized treatment regiments to patients.  David’s main objective is to help patients regain a pain free life and restore full function to enable patients to return their normal activities.  Through his unique approach and techniques, David hopes to empower patients to become their own health advocates to more effectively self-manage their conditions.

Our Mission

The mission of White Oak Physical Therapy and Pain Management Center is to improve patients functional abilities through guided treatments and home exercise plans, in attempts to resolve self-manage pain and physical dysfunction. To achieve these goals, we will utilize hands-on manual therapy techniques, coach individualized therapeutic exercises, empower our patients through knowledge and education, and provide unparalleled patient care and satisfaction.

Our Vision

To have White Oak Physical Therapy and Pain Management Center recognized by patients, colleagues, and referring practitioners as the provider of choice for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Our Values

1. To serve our community by being a resource to them both publicly and privately for all manor of physical rehabilitation and pain management within our scope of practice.

2. To educate our patients, our referral sources, and the public sector through hands on skills, providing peer reviewed articles validating the techniques we use, and providing written and verbal public forums to keep our community informed of the rehabilitative values of our skills and services as physical therapists and providers of related health care services.

3. To demonstrate respect for privacy and rewards for accomplishment of goals to our patients and associates in the course of providing an exceptional and enjoyable experience throughout the course of their time with us.

4. Create value for all we serve through the skilled delivery, time, effort, follow-up, and results for the faith our patients expend.

5. Demonstrate that we take a leadership role in health care, education, and business.

6. Create an environment of coaching, education, skill acquisition and delivery that serves to validate our effectiveness through empirical data collection and presentation of accumulated research.

7. Strive for excellence in all we do so that we may be seen by our patients, our referral sources, our colleagues, and our community as the preferred provider of rehabilitative and wellness related health care services in Montgomery County.